At this moment when I fully take charge as Ambassador in Riyadh, after having concluded all the formalities related to my accreditation, my first message is to the Portuguese Community living in the Kingdom, to whom I convey my greetings, hoping for the continuity of the existing relationships with our Embassy’s structures, that will keep its availability and sense of public duty. The Portuguese shall forever remain the priority for the services provided by all of us working here.


The extraordinary period of historic changes that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is going through, is an important challenge to our work and to the strengthening of our bilateral relations, opening great opportunities in the social, political and economic fields, requiring a collective effort from all the public structures involved, not disregarding the collaboration of all our fellow citizens that here work and live, whose experience and knowledge might give an essential contribution to this Embassy’s mission.  


It is with this desire for mutual cooperation and homage to your condition as expats, that at a certain point of your personal story propelled you towards the adventure and difficulties of migration that I salute you, hoping that soon we might be able to meet and speak in person.


Luís Almeida Ferraz

Ambassador of Portugal in Riyadh


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